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The purpose of the ISES travel grant is to allow excellent scientists to participate in ISES conference and present their work. ISES will award a maximum of two ISES travel grants per year. Funding to a maximum of £500 is available per applicant. Each application will be reviewed by three members of the ISES Council. Applications may only be submitted online.


Applications for travel grants should be submitted online by April 15th . Successful applicants will be expected to provide a short summary of their trip and outcomes within 4 weeks of end of the conference.

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Brief statement of current research interests and how this relates to the mission and objectives of Equitation Science (max. 100 words)

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Name, location and date of conference of the ISES conference you wish to attend

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Title(s) and abstract(s) of paper intending to submit, or other contribution to the conference

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Please explain your financial need (max. 100 words) Please specify what, if any additional funds are available to you, including Departmental funds. Indicate amounts already awarded, further amounts sought and the date on which decisions are expected. (Please inform the research officer as soon as such decisions are received.) If no additional funds are available or sought for, indicate reasons why.

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Previous funding applications (max. 100 words) List the dates of all previous applications for travel funding from other sources and their outcome

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